Scuba diving is considered not only a sport but also a way of life. It has changed many lives, including my own. Ever since my first time diving in Dahab, Egypt, three years ago, I instantly decided to pursue a career in scuba diving.

Scuba diving is like a meditation session. Underwater you’ll feel that you’re getting rid of the burdens of life. Underwater you are only thinking about this magical world that you’re inside.

Scuba diving will allow you access to a part of the world not everyone can access. You’ll be able to see new colors, a new formation, and unique animals; it’s a vibrant world.

For your first dive, you don’t have to be a good swimmer necessarily. Even if you can’t swim at all, you can try scuba dive.

When I did my first scuba dive in Dahab, I wasn’t a good swimmer. But in fact, If you can swim, this will be an advantage because you’ll be more familiar with water, and therefore being in the sea will not be a big deal to you.

The beginning of your experience will start with a detailed and concise briefing. The instructor will usually begin by asking you some questions about any previous diving and/or swimming experience.

After that, the instructor will start to talk about diving hand signals used for underwater communication, how to breathe effectively underwater, how diving equipment works and how to use it properly, and finally and most importantly, how to handle any issue you may face underwater.

The next step includes putting the equipment on and heading to the water, where the magic really begins. When you are in the water, the instructor will ask you to try breathing from the regulator-the piece of equipment that allows for breathing underwater.

Once you feel comfortable breathing through the regulator, you will be asked to do the same underwater. This allows you to become accustomed to the breathing process.

Once you are familiar with the equipment, the instructor should begin simulating some of the issues that can occur during a dive and the solutions to these issues. The simulations must be done in shallow water ( you must be able to stand on the seafloor) to avoid unnecessary panic. The key is to stay calm and relaxed to learn and have a good time.

Once all the basics have been covered, it will be time to enjoy the dive. Prepare to be absolutely amazed at the serene and vibrant underwater world. From fabulous marine life to geographical structures to colorful corals, the majesty of the sea will never cease to amaze you. I promise you that this will be the best thing you have ever experienced.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave it in the comments.

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