One of the incredible advantages of Diving, it’s diverse. The diversity of Diving makes me inspired every day to create something new. The diving environment is different, we have several kinds of environments, and each environment has its beauty. Diving equipment also diverse and the equipment been continually developing, and every environment needs different equipment, so you as a diver can try a different type of equipment as you move from environment to another. We dive for many reasons. We dive to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world, dive for commercial purposes, or scientific and military bases.

In this article, I will clarify the different type of Diving, show what’s the characteristics of each type, and the goal of each one.

The first type is “Recreational Diving.”
As you can understand from the name of this type, it’s for a recreational reason. We do recreational dive to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world, to watch the diverse of the marine life. We have a variety of marine life we can see and enjoy underwater; beautiful coral reef, colorful fish, and also taking photos to this fantastic world.

We don’t need to dive deep in the recreational Diving; we dive to enjoy the freedom that we feel underwater, dive to try the joy of exploration. Equipment and procedures in recreational Diving are more simple than other types of Diving.

Technical Diving.

The simplest definition for the technical Diving; it’s the type of Diving which exceeds the recreational diving limits in terms of depth, diving time, and direct access to the surface.

In other words, in the technical Diving, we stay longer, go deeper, and Diving may be in an overhead environment like caves or wrecks, so direct contact to the surface is not available. The mix of gases we use in technical Diving is also different than recreational Diving. Technical diving equipment is more complicated; we use more than one tank and gas mix also different than the gas we employ in the recreational dive. Technical Diving is the best option for discovering deep water, caves, or wrecks.

Commercial Diving.

Diving is not just for fun, but also there are other purposes.  Commercial Diving is a type of Diving which we use to take advantage of the natural elements and substances found in the ocean and seabed. Also, we can build some underwater constructions such as oil and gas pipelines, etc. Commercial Diving equipment, of course, is different than recreational Diving, and the procedures for commercial Diving is different also. Commercial divers use different tools to help them in their missions underwater, tools like hammer, welding, and various tools to carry out specific tasks under the surface of the sea. Commercial divers don’t carry tanks on their backs, but the air supply is coming to the diver from the surface.

To know more about this type of Diving, You can watch a movie titled “Last Breath” it contains a fantastic explanation about this type of Diving and what precisely the missions that the diver accomplish underwater.

Military Diving

The next type of Diving is military Diving. The purpose of military Diving is carrying out military missions like reconnaissance missions, research work to serve military establishments, securing ships and ports, attacking enemy ships and ports. Recreational Diving has benefited dramatically from military and commercial Diving, as the military and commercial diving always have the financial support to make a research on diving equipment, gases used, and the impact of Diving on the human body, all of these researches contributed to the development of recreational Diving.

Scientific Diving

The last type of Diving in our article is scientific Diving. Diving is a tool that scientists use in their research. Research on marine life, seabed and oceanic studies, researches to figure out why marine pollution happens and its impact on aquatic life.  In this type of Diving, scientists also do researches on the environment in general.

Diving has no limits. In my opinion, this what distinguishes Diving, every day we discover something new, scientist represent new research, an anew type of aquatic life, and unique type of fish. As Diving has lo limits also the joy you feel when practicing Diving has no limits

Which kind of Diving do you want to know more about?

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