9 Facts about Corals

One of the most enjoyable thing about Scuba diving is watching the colorful coral reef. It’s a fantastic part of our dive is to stay in front of the corals, watching its amazing colors and monitoring the habits of the animals which take the coral as a habitat. For me watching the corals making me very relaxed and happy, it’s like a meditation class.

Let me now tell you some Facts about corals.

1 – Is it plants or animals? Some people thought that corals are plants, but it’s animals. It has a tiny tentacle which helps to find their food.

2 – Corals use “polyp” which has tentacles, it extends these tentacles at night to sting and ingest plankton.

3 – Coral is the most complex and diverse ecosystem on our planet.
4 – Corals works as protection walls for the coastlines from waves, floods, and storms.

5 – Millions of people who work in fishing and tourism depend on corals for earning their living.

6 – Corals take many years to grow up. It takes about one year to only grow 10 to 20 cm.

7 – Corals are an essential marine habitat, as aquatic species depend on it for shelter and food

8 – Corals are a vital source of new medicines.

9 – We have two types of coral; soft and hard corals. Hard coral can build a coral reef, and soft coral can’t build a coral reef.

Besides enjoying the corals, we have to protect it to keep it safe and also give the others a chance to watch the beauty of the corals. Safeguard the coral isn’t a hard mission, only we need to act as a conservative diver.

Underwater plants and animals are so sensitive. The movement of your fins, or touching it can destroy corals, and harm the animals. Be careful while swimming near to the coral and keep a distance between you and the coral, make your skills sharp and roll in buoyancy classes.

Here you can find 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet.

Did you join any activity for helping the coral reef?

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