How to enjoy your first dive?

Diving is one of the most exciting sports that you can try. You’ll never forget your first breath underwater; it’s an awesome feeling. You need to know some basic information before diving; this information will help you to enjoy your first dive.

Three main information you need to know:

1 – The effect of pressure on our body.
2 – If you have some water in your mask.
3 – How to get rid of the water in the regulator which you use for breathing.
Pressure :
The first piece of information you have to know; the more you go deep, the more you experience pressure on your body.
Does this pressure has any effect on our body? Yes. Pressure affects the airspace in our body. The body airspace; lung, sinus, and ear, in addition to the airspace between our face and the diving mask.

How can we deal with this pressure?

First, let’s start with the lung. In the beginning, you need to know how to breathe underwater. Underwater we only use our mouth for breathing, this means to inhale and exhale should be from our mouth, inhale needs to be slowly, deeply and continuously also exhale should be a slowly-The most important rule in scuba diving; never hold your breath-. Once you know how to breathe underwater and use the correct technique, your lung will be safe, and there is no effect for the pressure on it.

Because it’s your first time you may feel uncomfortable when you breathe underwater, but this is only at the beginning, once you relax and keep breathing and try it for few minutes, you’ll find it okay and no difficulty at all with breathing.

Now let’s talk about Sinus and Ears.

When you start to go down, you’ll feel the pressure in your ear. This feeling is not bad, or painful; it’s just a strange feeling in your ear. Once you have this feeling you need to do something called “Equalization.”

How to do the “Equalization”?

Take a normal breath, pinch your nose by your hand, and blow air from your nose while holding, so the air won’t go out, it will back again to your ear to compensate.
What will happen if I ignore the equalization?
As we said, at the beginning of your dive you’ll feel pressure in your ear if you ignored that feeling and didn’t do the equalization, that pressure will be a pain, and you’ll feel pain in your ear, which is needed to go up a little bit to get rid of that feeling. So the most important point here, don’t ignore the equalization, once you feel the pressure in your ear, do it directly.

Water inside your mask.

It’s normal in scuba diving to find some water enter your mask. Water inside your mask is not a big deal, and there is an easy way to make this water comes out. All that you need to do is to take a breath, look up, put your hand on the upper part of the mask, then blow air from your nose to push the water outside your mask. Sometimes all the water won’t come out from the first time, so you need to repeat the same way two or three times to make your mask clear from the water. This way you can use it even if all your mask full of water.

Water inside the regulator.

In scuba diving we use a regulator for breathing, in this regulator we have a mouthpiece, we put that mouthpiece in our mouth, bite softly with our teeth on it, and our lips making seal outside. If your lips moved for any reason, like if you smiled for example underwater, some water would find its way to your regulator, then you’ll feel it in your mouth. This is also normal in scuba diving, and it’s not a big deal so don’t worry. All that you need is to blow air from your mouth into the regulator; this air will push that water outside your mouth.
In case you don’t have enough air in your lung, what should you do?
In the regulator you’ll find a button called purge button, this purge button is responsible for pushing the water outside your mouth in case you have any water inside by taking some air from your scuba cylinder and this air push the water outside your mouth.

Sure this is not all information about diving. This is only some necessary information that can help beginners to try diving and make their first experience remarkable. Have you ever tried scuba diving? Tell us about your experience.

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